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Oct 12 2022

Press Release: Regional Care Group partners with Crisis Center, provides IT services and on-call nursing 

MERRILLVILLE, IN Regional Care Group partnered with the Crisis Center to provide IT services and on-call nursing, which has allowed the Crisis Center to meet licensing guidelines for nursing and provide services across a plethora of items.  

The Crisis Center, which was created in response to teen suicide in Merrillville, runs a long-term shelter program, assists with Teen Court for first-time juvenile offenders and has outreach programs that provide shelter to runaways. The center has had volunteers answering calls for the past 51 years, and recently, they received a grant from Indiana to answer 988 calls through the National Suicide Lifeline. 

“Regional Care Group was able to come up with a plan and helped us get to where we needed to be with technology,” Nikki Wielgos, Executive Director for the Crisis Center, said. “Our equipment was old and out of date. We have never been in a better place with the services they have provided. Working with their staff has been amazing.” 

Sherman Hayes, chief information officer of Information Services at Regional Care Group said the work has been in place for about a year and helps Regional Care Group reach the goal of helping smaller non-profits with services they may not be able to get without purchasing their own IT departments.  

“We’re better equipped than traditional outsourcing services,” Hayes said. “We know and understand regulations and requirements that they may need to reach.” 

Wielgos said the Crisis Center was able to use the funds saved by working in partnership with Regional Care Group for current staff and programming. 

“This effort is another example of human service organizations working together to improve administrative efficiencies and enhance service delivery for the communities we collectively serve,” said Regional Care Group CEO Bill Trowbridge. “Regional Care group is committed to building a collaborative environment among various nonprofits, government agencies and more that benefits all.”  




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