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Employee Stories

Employee Stories


Our people are at the heart of everything we do and bring our vision to life. Hear what our employees have to say about what makes Regional Care Group such a great place to work!

  • “At Regional Health Systems, we take great care of our patients and our communities. With our holistic, proactive patient care approach, we utilize every patient encounter as an opportunity to improve upon our patients’ health with education, vaccinations, onsite lab work and specialty referrals when needed.”

    Michelle Moore

    Nursing Director, Regional Health Systems

  • “I enjoy guiding children through personal challenges, helping ease emotional burdens, and empowering them to achieve a healthier mind.”

    Violet Ploszaj

    School Therapist, Regional Health Systems

  • “I enjoy the support I get from not only my supervisor but also from the staff. I also enjoy the ability to empower individuals while assisting them in achieving a healthier mindset.”

    Melissa Santaguida

    School Therapist, Regional Health Systems