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Oct 03 2022

Press Release: Regional Care Group launches website, gives users look into network of human service organizations throughout Northwest Indiana 

MERRILLVILLE, IN Regional Care Group’s new website launched this month, giving users an easy way to learn about Regional Care Group, a network of human service organizations providing a plethora of assistance to individuals and families across Indiana. 

Last year, Regional Care Group launched as a way to let people know the three corporations, Geminus Corporation, Regional Health Systems and Lake Park Residential Care, were connected, working day in and day out to take care of the community and their families — physically, mentally and socially. 

“We created Regional Care Group a little over a year ago to unite our community-based health care and social services organizations,” said Regional Care Group CEO Bill Trowbridge. “This website showcases our unity and how this unity helps the communities we serve.” 

The streamlined, modern design offers easy navigation, user-friendly interface and engaging content to help website visitors better understand the network and the relationship each corporation has within it, bringing together the Regional Care Group family of companies. 

Geminus Corporation partners with community-based health care providers, social service organizations and early childhood education programs to help increase Hoosiers’ access to high-quality, social health services, while Regional Health Systems is the region’s largest provider of community-based mental health care, primary health care and addiction treatment services. 

Additionally, Lake Park Residential Care, a residential care and assisted living facility, provides high-quality, long-term care for homeless and low-income adults coping with complex and severe mental health issues. 

In addition to letting visitors know what Regional Care Group does, the website also offers a peek into a comprehensive list of the careers that can be found through the organization, from therapists to dietary cooks to custodians.  

There are also real employee accounts on the website to help with learning about careers at all of our companies and giving real-time looks into what it is like to work with Regional Care Group, and a blog page to keep up-to-date information about what’s going on with the organization. 



Regional Care Group is Indiana’s largest and most comprehensive network of community-based health care and social services. Providing a complete continuum of care through Regional Health Systems, Geminus Corporation and Lake Park Residential Care, we treat the whole person.