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Make a real difference in your career, our community and in the lives of others

Find the right place to work for good, at Regional Care Group.

Working for Good

Regional Care Group is Indiana’s largest and most comprehensive network of community-based health care and social services. We provide access to integrated, community-based care from early childhood to healthy old-age that enhances the well-being and resilience of individuals, families and our entire community.

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Join our team

We’re hiring for a variety of positions throughout our network. You’ll be part of an outstanding team of health care professionals, working to make a real difference. Our team members enjoy enticing benefits, including competitive pay, flexibility and more.

Regional Care Group

A Complete Continuum of Care

Regional Care Group is a network of human service organizations. This includes Regional Health Systems, Geminus, Lake Park Residential Care, and more.

More Than Just a Paycheck

We understand that collecting a paycheck is why people work. But as part of the Regional Care Group team, the rewards go beyond compensation.

Our collective vision is to provide care today to help real people have a better tomorrow. That’s a great feeling that turns a job into a rewarding career. By focusing on care, partnerships, community and resiliency, you’ll make a real difference in the lives of others, every day.

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Employee Stories

Regional Care Group is home to compassionate and community-minded people who don’t consider this just a job. This is our calling. And these are their stories.

Employee Testimonials: Nicole Weaver

Employee Testimonials: Bill Trowbridge

Employee Testimonials: Lourdes Chavez

Employee Testimonials: Joelynn Miller-Johnson

  • At Regional Health Systems, we take great care of our patients and our communities. With our holistic, proactive patient care approach, we utilize every patient encounter as an opportunity to improve upon our patients’ health with education, vaccinations, onsite lab work and specialty referrals when needed.

    Michelle Moore

    Nursing Director, Regional Health Systems

  • I enjoy guiding children through personal challenges, helping ease emotional burdens, and empowering them to achieve a healthier mind.

    Violet Ploszaj

    School Therapist, Regional Health Systems

  • I enjoy the support I get from not only my supervisor but also from the staff. I also enjoy the ability to empower individuals while assisting them in achieving a healthier mindset.

    Melissa Santaguida

    School Therapist, Regional Health Systems

Make a difference in your career and in the lives of others
Apply to Regional Care Group today.

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If you’re not ready to apply today, simply fill out and submit this form. A recruiter will contact you to answer any questions and get you more information about Regional Care Group.